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The Business Catalyst
About Palladium
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Palladium is a rare and exclusive precious metal that is known by chemists for being a very effective catalyst. Palladium Solutions aims to offer an exclusive service to its clients and to act as a catalyst to their business.

The WillowsPalladium Solutions was founded by Michael Aaron and Stephen Aaron in May 2004 to provide a combination of marketing, publishing, advertising and general business development services. The business was set up with the aim of providing a simple solution for all the marketing needs of businesses.

Palladium Solutions aim to provide a combination of innovative ideas and strategies across all areas of marketing, together with a very personal service that we believe it is very difficult to find elsewhere in the marketplace.

The Team have significant experience in the sector and have been involved in both large and small campaigns across various market sectors. Through a combination of our skills, our experience and the excellent contacts we have built up with leading experts in their respective fields, we believe we are able to provide our customers with unique opportunities to improve their business.

Most importantly, we are different from the rest. Many people ask “What does Palladium Solutions do?” In answer:

  • Palladium Solutions is a solution to:-
    • all your businesses Marketing needs
    • all your businesses Publishing requirements
    • all your businesses Advertising desires
    • all your businesses Public Relations needs
    • all your businesses Corporate identity needs
    • all your businesses Copywriting needs
    • all your businesses Print needs
    • all your businesses Customer Communications needs
    • all your businesses Lead Generation needs
    • the list goes on …
  • We are also a solution for the lack of time you have.
  • Above all we are a Solution that will help you fulfil the vision you have for your business.

And how do we accomplish the above?

Simple - We put your needs first. We do not try selling you a solution that may not be appropriate. Instead we work with you to find an appropriate solution to your requirements. If we can not find an appropriate solution, then we are not afraid to create a new solution, specifically for your needs.


The simple answer to all your marketing,  
publishing and advertising needs  

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