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First and foremost Palladium Solutions believes in providing the best quality service and excellent value for money. Although we will often not be the cheapest in our field (that being said we are certainly not expensive), we believe that our fees are exceptionally attractive for the quality of service and product you will receive.

It is a well known fact that you get what you pay for. At Palladium Solutions, we like to think that we are the exception to the rule, as you actually get a lot more then you would usually get, when compared to our competition.

We also understand that every business we deal with, works on a different basis, and is unique. We are therefore often able to be flexible with our remuneration structure. What we do not want to happen is for you to be put off coming to Palladium Solutions, because you are concerned that you will not be able to afford our fees. Indeed it is important to remember that in some situations, if you place your business through Palladium Solutions, it will actually be cheaper then doing it yourself.

Some of our remuneration structures that we can offer you are as follows.

  • One off project consultancy fees
  • Regular project consultancy fees
  • Regular retainers for ongoing projects or consultancy work
  • Agency fees- You will not have to pay any additional fees to Palladium Solutions.
  • Profit share or success fees on specific agreements or projects.
  • Innovative Funding Options

We are therefore very flexible in the way that we can work.


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