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One of the areas we specialise is arranging innovative funding options for our client’s projects.

Rather then your business having to find all the money for a project itself, in certain circumstance we are able to arrange funding for you. This can be in a number of different ways from selling advertisements in an in house magazine to arranging appropriate sponsors for a Guide or direct mail item.

It can often be possible to significantly reduce the net cost of your marketing campaigns and, in some circumstances, it can even be possible to turn your marketing efforts into a profit centre in its own right.

The other area to be considered carefully is actually selling your marketing material such as guides and magazines to your audience (either consumers or corporate). In the right circumstances, this can generate a valuable revenue stream as well as filtering out time wasters.

By using these innovative funding strategies, we are often able to help make marketing campaigns financially viable for your business when you may have otherwise dismissed the idea.


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