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We recognise that all our clients have different needs and requirements. We are therefore very flexible in the way we operate and work with our clients.

As a business, as well as meeting your businesses objectives, as effectively as possible, we want you to find your dealings with Palladium Solutions enjoyable and easy from start to finish. Some of the ways Palladium Solutions can work with your business are as follows:

  • The Outsourced Marketing Department- Under this arrangement, we will look after all the Marketing Related needs of your business.

  • A Specific Campaign- We can project manage and arrange a full campaign for you, for example the launch of a new product, or a general advertising campaign. We will look after all marketing related aspects of the campaign.

  • A specific part of a campaign- If you prefer, we can simply handle specific parts of a campaign for you. In this situation we will liaise with relevant members of your team, or any other agency you are already working with to arrange the project. For example, we could simply arrange the design of a logo, a mailing or an advertising campaign.

  • An extension to your Marketing department- We can act as an additional resource to your Marketing Department. Rather then have to employ staff on a temporary basis, expand your team, or even worse not pursue an idea or project because of lack of resources, you can simply contact Palladium Solutions. We will then work together with your Marketing Department to pursue the “brief” we are given. With this arrangement, we can simply be on call as and when required.

In summary, we can arrange everything in a project for you or just do a small part of it. It is of course likely that in most cases we will find a middle ground. We can work on one off projects or alternatively we can work with you on an ongoing basis depending on your needs.


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