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What do you do?

You could outsource the work to many different specialist firms. This is an option that can work well. However there are downsides, including the potentially large number of firms you may have to deal with. These could include:

  • A Creative Agency
  • A Printer
  • A Publisher
  • A Mailing House
  • An Advertising Agency
  • Media Owners (newspapers, magazines, radio station, web sites)
  • A Web Designer
  • A New Media Agency
  • A PR Agency
  • A Research Company
  • A General Marketing Agency
  • To name just a few

This can cause a number of problems:

  • You have to find good reliable businesses in each of the appropriate fields. Not an easy task.

  • You can end up spending more of your time project managing each of the individual companies.

  • You will have to be the “middle man” between companies.

  • If something goes wrong, one party will often blame the other.

  • You will not be in the best position to negotiate costs.

  • You will have separate invoices to settle with each party you deal with.

  • You run the risk that companies may want to push their own services rather then what is best for you.

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