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So what do you do?


You should contact Palladium Solutions.

Quite simply, Palladium Solutions are able to act as your own in house Marketing department, taking away all the strain of planning and implementing a campaign.

We Will:

  • Make the whole process as simple as possible by looking after and taking responsibility for everything in our brief.
  • Be the one and only contact you require, whether you simply need to arrange the production of some company stationary, or you want a full marketing campaign put together.
  • Act totally independently of our suppliers and only advise you on what we believe is best for your company.
  • Offer you excellent value for money. As well as offering our services and added value, we are often able to provide services, such as purchasing media, more cost effectively then going directly to the supplier.
  • Work closely with you, to make sure everything is as you require.
  • Only use the best suppliers for your needs.
  • Consider all areas of your business and marketing as a whole, rather then just individual items, in order to make any project as effective and profitable as possible for you.
  • Put forward a whole Marketing plan and strategy for you and implement it.

We Won’t:

  • Put forward inappropriate suggestions.
  • Charge you for services you do not need.
  • Make you subsidise the cost of our staff. Rather then employing a huge number of staff, we “bring in” the services of the most appropriate suppliers and freelance workers for the project in hand. You therefore only end up paying for what you need.
  • Be satisfied until you are satisfied.
  • Confuse you with Jargon.

The simple answer to all your marketing,  
publishing and advertising needs  

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