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Having a corporate video is something that can really help you stand out from your competion.

Chances are you may have considered the idea in the past, but not pursued it, because you were worried it would be too expensive for your business. This is not uncommon. Indeed the perceived cost of a corporate video can be a valuable benefit. Many customers when they see a corporate video will believe it cost a lot more to produce then it actually did.

There are many uses for a video or DVD for your business. Just a few examples, could include:

  • A general corporate video to promote your business.
  • A video to promote a product launch or an existing product.
  • An instructional video on a product.
  • A general education video on a specific aspect of the market your business operates in.
  • A Training Video
  • The list goes on.

Palladium Solutions can help you with all aspects of video production. We work with leaders in the field to produce excellent quality professional videos. Some of the services we could typically provide could include:

  • Agreeing suitable objectives for a video with you, to compliment your other marketing, which we may or may not be looking after.
  • Planning suitable content and a suitable style for the video.
  • Arranging a suitable team for the video, including, director, cameraman, editor as required. Of course all the necessary equipment would also be provided.
  • Sourcing other relevant content for the video. This could include music, general video footage, graphics, photographs etc.
  • Arranging for the video to be put on DVD’s, videos etc as required. We will then produce as many as you require.
  • We can also arrange for the video to be available on your web site.
  • Most importantly, we will provide a full project management service and look after everything for you.

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