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As well as corporate videos and the Web, Palladium Solutions can also help with all your other New media needs.

Examples of this could include:

  • Audio - This could be for your web or a radio advert.
  • Corporate CD / Tape – This could be about your business in general or a specific product or service you offer.
  • Animation (including Flash) – This could be used to enhance your web, a video or a presentation.
  • Multimedia Presentations –This will spice up your presentation and help it have a greater impact on your audience.
  • Interactive / Electronic Guides –This is an innovative way for you to provide information to your customers and potential customers.

Indeed whatever you want, we should be able to help. As with all our other services, where we can not arrange something in house, we will arrange the service for you with one of our suppliers. However the process will be just as simple for you as we will arrange everything and be your one point of contact.

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